It’s that time of year… where bespoke gifs, animations, and interactive emails come out to play.

Quick gamification concept, Pretty simple in it’s current form… but stay with me….

Ghost Button- Basic Functions — Email Gamification

So here we have the classic ghost button…. which activates the appearance, animation, of a bunch of SVG ghosts (could be images but just having a play).
Each ghost is a label in itself, which disappears when tapped.

(SVG ghosts borrowed from here)

Simple as that…. I’m not going to finish it, because quite frankly I’ve got better things to do. …

A few years ago now Fresh Inbox wrote a superb post about targeting the Gmail Promotions tab within your email. And I would regularly get asked about that tab when it first came about.

There is no guarantee your email will land in promotions, but plenty do, and regularly do. This could be worth looking at.

Image from

To create this, there is some code that needs to be completed, and added to the code within the email html itself, and Justin even made a generator which helps to create that.

With all that in mind though, and the common shift towards…

For those of you who followed all my old blog posts and have seen my talks I used to do a lot with animation, interaction, backgrounds, and talk about progressive enhancement, and so on.

I still do that from time-to-time with the the focus largely being on simplicity and working within design a system, but here’s a few things I’ve made over the last few years which I may or may not have shared, I can’t remember.

I’m not sharing code as significant bits and pieces will have dated over time, but these my give you some ideas for different…

Studying a diploma in L&D over the past year, while simultaneously thinking about Email Design Systems as part of my job, it’ became fairly clear to me that many principles behind successful modern L&D are the same as with successful email marketing. The principles of needs analysis, design, evaluation, data and analysis using them to achieve results, improve business performance is all the same. After all, engaging people is all about content relevance.

This for example is an image that will more than likely have no relevance to this blog…

Not relevant

I don’t feel like I’m wrong in saying this, but…


It’s been a long while since I blogged about anything…But as it’s 3 years since I’ve been working with CACI, and with this particular client. I thought I’d write this up as it’s a project I’ve been particularly proud of and what I feel is probably my best work. You’ll recall I used to write blogs about experimental emails, Sonic the hedgehog in emails, Faux-Videos, background images, Alien Games for emails etc. Fun stuff.

I thought I’d give you more of an insight of the type of thing I’ve been doing for the last few years…. …

Kristian Robinson

Email Person, writing scruffy, grammatically poor blogs every now and again if I have something to say.

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